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10th March 2019 · 8 minutes · ios swift
Codable already embed a remarkable fault tolerant decoding system, when working with plain objects. But when it comes to arrays, is it still the case?
29th December 2018 · 4 minutes · ios date

As of most years, this year ends in the middle of a week. And according to the date format you are using, it will not display the same date value during these last few days.

OTP are becoming a security requirement nowadays. There are an essential part of our usage flow. We want to perform a sensitive action, we need to verify and confirm it with a security code.

28th October 2018 · 12 minutes · ios
Here comes that time where masks are dusted off and brought out of the cupboard within which they have lain dormant for the past years. Isn't it the best period to talk about bit masks? 👺
Most decimal fractions cannot be represented exactly on our modern computer. While, most of the time, this is not an issue, floating point roundoff errors might quickly arise and cause numerous problems.