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Currently, when I want to test a part of an app involving a remote notification, I only have one choice: using a real device and the Apple Push Notification service (APNs). To send a notification, we need an APNs device token, which is a globally unique token that identifies a device to APNs.

12th January 2020 · 3 minutes · swift

This week, I’ve been working on improving the code coverage of an iOS application. One of the scenarios I’ve been testing involved an enum, with a handful of cases. Eager to maximise my coverage, I created several test functions to cover them all. Unfortunately, during this process, I’ve made a mistake, leading to a crash of my application when running these new tests.

29th July 2019 · 3 minutes · swift

During our iOS debugging sessions, we have to search though infinite stack traces, hopefully to find some evidence. We all do this. But on some occasions, we may stumble upon some cryptic strings like, looking like this.

The vast majority of countries use the most widely known calendar, the Gregorian calendar. However, some locales use another calendar for various reasons. Japan is one of them.

Since I set up this blog, I wanted two things: owning my data and remove any unnecessary manual operation. Using Jekyll, I already achieved the former. Let’s achieve the latter in 50 lines of code.